Photo Cleanup

I just deleted 573 pictures/videos from my Kindle that Amazon has been storing since about 2012. Felt good to clear those out and ensure they won’t all be popping up “on this day” in the future. I also noticed how many pictures I took were taken from bedrooms/living rooms. So I’m adding the goal “get out of the rooms” to my goals for the future.

Please Stop

Please stop watching and reading the news all day.

Read a book, watch a documentary about nature, go sit outside and listen to the birds, learn a new hobby, do something productive.

Filling yourself with the nonstop fear and negativity that the media has to offer is not healthy for your emotional well being.

I spend exactly 15 minutes a day watching the “news top stories” on the Pluto app. That tells me all I need to know in regards to updates without filling my mind nonstop with all the crud. I acknowledge it and then I release it and go about my day.

For the love of God. Find something else to do. Please stop filling yourself with fear and then projecting that onto others.